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March 3-10, 2018

Discover practical solutions for dealing with a changing climate’s effect on nutrient management and

posted on January 7, 2015 4:51pm

On March 6, join the Michigan Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society conference “A Matter of Balance: Feeding Our Crops and Protecting Our Water in a Changing Climate.”

In the past 25 years, on-farm nutrient management has greatly improved. However, because of algae blooms and oxygen depletion, water quality problems still exist in Lake Erie, the Saginaw Bay and other waterways. Climate change is expected to cause even greater challenges through more frequent storms of higher intensity as well as increased runoff. This conference will examine the linkage between cropping practices and nutrient-enriched runoff and drainage water, and offer practical solutions for capturing and cycling nitrogen, phosphorus and other potential contaminants in the root zone.

The event takes place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center. Registration is required. To find program information and to register, visit http://anrweek.canr.msu.edu/events/event/a_matter_of_balance_feeding_our_crops_and_protecting_our_water_in_a_changin