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March 3-10, 2018

ANR Week celebrates its centennial year

posted on July 15, 2014 11:56am

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On March 6-14, 2015, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Michigan State University Extension and MSU AgBioResearch will celebrate its centennial year of ANR Week.

ANR Week began in 1914 during the joint meeting of the Farmers’ Institute Round-Up and the Michigan Livestock Breeders and Feeders Association. At this time ANR Week was known as Farmer’s Week.  During the event farmers would come to Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) and stay the full week to engage in lectures, demonstrations, exhibits and evening programs. While the times have changed, the philosophy to serve all the people of the state of Michigan remains the same.

With the centennial celebration underway programs are starting to confirm. This year the following groups have confirmed.

Michigan’s Invasive Plant Collaborative Exchange – This is an inaugural event that provides a collaborate exchange among stakeholders who focus on protecting Michigan’s natural resources from the threat of invasive species.

Quiet Water Symposium – Outdoor Michigan’s favorite indoor show featuring paddle sports, camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, scuba diving and many more outdoor activities.

Michigan Farmers Market Conference – Michigan farmer markets, market farmers and vendors meet over two days to learn about up-to-date information related to farmers market management and/or marketing.

Pullorum Certification Workshop – Learn how to administer the Pullorum test and how to fill out associated paperwork for poultry and game birds prior to exhibition or movement within the state.

Shoreline and Shallows Conference – The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership (MNSP) and its partners will feature case studies and current research related to bioengineering shorelines sites, lakeshore habitats, shoreline restoration and habitat improvement.

Michigan Equine Industry Meeting – This meeting is an opportunity for industry representatives to network and to develop research and education priorities to further the equine industry in the state.

Horse Expo 2015 – The Michigan Horse Council presents one of the top three-day horse expos in the country.

Bookmark http://anrweek.canr.msu.edu/sessions or like our Facebook page to see what new programs will be joining the ANR Week line up.